Meditours Ha Giang: Volunteer Tour – Warm Scarf For Children

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  • Time: 2 Days 3 Nights
  • Vehicle: Oto
  • Point to: Ha Giang
  • Departure schedule: Weekly


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The volunteer-oriented “Ha Giang – Illuminating the Future” tour is a specially designed and organized program aimed at connecting compassionate hearts with small, hidden villages nestled behind the rocky mountain ranges in Ha Giang province.
Moreover, Ha Giang, a piece of land at the northernmost point of Vietnam with a cool climate throughout the year and fresh air, is an attractive tourist destination. Ha Giang is beautiful not only because of its blooming flower seasons but also due to its allure in all four seasons. It boasts picturesque landscapes with endless winding roads, majestic high mountain ranges like the Dong Van Plateau, the twin mountains of Quan Ba, the Meo King’s Palace, the Ma Pi Leng Pass, the Lung Cu Flagpole, and numerous fascinating gorges, waterfalls, and caves such as Lung Khuy Cave, Na Luong Cave, and Swallow Cave. Not stopping there, Ha Giang captivates tourists with the warmth of its people – gentle, hospitable individuals who are sure to provide unforgettable experiences for you!
  • Explore majestic Ha Giang
  • Enjoy unique ethnic cuisine
  • Present meaningful gifts to children in Ha Giang
20:30: Meditours’ vehicle and guide will pick up guests at the agreed meeting point for departure to Ha Giang. During the journey, the guide will provide information on the group’s itinerary throughout the trip.
5:30: The entire group arrives in the city of Ha Giang – Here, everyone will attend to personal hygiene and have breakfast.
7:00 AM: The entire group moves from Hà Giang City to Lùng Tám Kindergarten, Quản Bạ District – the chosen location for the charity event. Along the way, the group collectively enjoys the majestic beauty that nature has bestowed upon the residents.
9:00 AM: The entire group arrives at the charity location.
9:15 AM: The delegation leader and members meet and collaborate with the school representative.
9:30 AM: The MC from Meditours initiates the charity program in the presence of local authorities, students, and parents:
+ Introduction of the charity delegation, the school representative, and local leaders.
+ Cultural exchange.
+ Charity delegation leader’s speech.
+ School leadership’s speech.
+ Distribution of charity gifts.
+ Conclusion of the cultural program.
After concluding the charity program, the entire group bids farewell to the students and continues their exploration of Hà Giang. The group has lunch at Phong Vân Restaurant in Yên Minh.
1:00 PM: After enjoying a delicious lunch, the vehicle will take you to Dong Van Karst Plateau. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to visit and take photos at various beautiful and fascinating tourist spots:
  • Leaving Yen Minh town about 30 km away, the first stop is Tham Ma Pass. Here, you can stop to admire a section of the pass resembling a soft ribbon, winding across the mountain’s back. The dangerous curves become soft knots of that ribbon.
  • Sung La Valley – is often compared to a mystical “Island Spiral.” Sung La, located in Dong Van District, Ha Giang, is well-known and attracts visitors through the movie “Pao’s Story.” Emerging as an “island” nestled in the valley within the complex of Dong Van Karst Plateau, Sung La has become a “rose” in the hearts of many travelers.
  • “King Cat’s Palace”: Situated in Sa Phin Valley (Sa Phin commune, Dong Van district), 135 km from Ha Giang town and 20 km from Dong Van town. Sitting in the car, crossing winding mountain roads, I am captivated by the majestic beauty of the vast stone plateau with terraced fields clinging to the mountainside. From the cat’s ear-shaped stone hole, the forest flowers proudly stretch upwards.
  • The tour visits Lung Cu Flagpole. Lung Cu Flagpole marks the northernmost point at the peak of Lung Cu, considered a sacred symbol of national sovereignty for every Vietnamese citizen. The expedition conquers the peak of Dragon Mountain, where the sacred flagpole of the Motherland marks the northernmost point of Vietnam. Standing under the flag fluttering in the wind, the cool breeze embraces me, and a surge of pride fills my heart. Dimly visible at the foot of the mountain is the village of the Lolo people, who have clung to the land and the village for countless generations, protecting the nation’s border.
6:00 PM: The entire group stays at Long Co Tran Homestay in Lung Cu. Here, the group checks in and rests. After dinner, the group is free to explore and enjoy leisure activities.
6:30 AM: The entire group wakes up together, inhaling the fresh air and preparing to enjoy breakfast.
7:30 AM: The group checks out of the hotel.
Passengers board the vehicle to conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of the most famous “Four Great Passes” in Vietnam (Ma Pi Leng, Khau Pha, Pha Din, O Quy Ho), at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. The winding and twisting road, with slopes and curves, provides a fascinating experience as you look down at the Nho Que River below, resembling a ribbon following the pass’s slopes.
Guests embark on a boat journey on the Nho Que River along the mountainside (self-paid). Sitting on the boat, against the current, you admire the winding river gracefully meandering around the mountain range, presenting a charming and enchanting landscape. The gentle river flows like a giant ribbon wrapping around the unique geological layers of the Tu San Gorge and Ma Pi Leng Pass. The scenery is not only magnificent but also poetic and romantic.
11:30 AM: Guests have lunch at a restaurant, enjoying the next day’s Ethnic Dong Van rice.
After lunch, guests board the vehicle back to Hanoi. On the way back, there’s a stop to buy gifts for loved ones.
8:00 PM: Guests arrive in Hanoi, bidding farewell, and expressing anticipation for the next program meeting.


– Friendly and enthusiastic tour guide familiar with the itinerary.
– 3 main meals and 2 additional snacks during the program.
– Admission tickets to the Vương Dynasty Palace and Lũng Cú Flagpole.
– Standard on-board beverages: 2 bottles per person per day.
– Standard 2-star hotel accommodation in Đồng Văn.
– Travel insurance with high compensation: 20,000,000 VND per person per incident.


– VAT tax.
– Personal expenses, and additional sightseeing tickets outside the program.
– Charitable gifts.
– Tips for drivers and guides.


– Age is calculated from the birth date to the departure date.
– Children aged 10 and above are charged 100% of the adult price.
– Children aged 5 to 9: charged 75% of the adult price – sharing a bed with parents.
– Children under 5: free of charge (sleeping with parents, additional expenses such as entrance tickets, and meals will be taken care of by parents). The company only collects the portion of the airfare (if any) as per the airline’s regulations.


1/ Deposit policy to secure reservations:
– To officially reserve a spot and receive formal confirmation, customers need to make a deposit equivalent to 40% of the tour price.
– The remaining amount must be paid to Meditours 15 days before the scheduled departure date.
2/ Cancellation policy by customers:
– If a customer cancels the tour at least 15 days before the departure date, they will incur an early cancellation penalty equivalent to the deposit amount (40% of the tour price).
– If a customer cancels the tour within 7 days of the departure date, they will incur a late cancellation penalty equivalent to the entire tour price (100% of the tour price).
3/ Cancellation policy by the organizing unit:
– The tour will proceed as scheduled if there are at least 6 adults in the group.
– If the group does not reach the minimum of 6 passengers, Meditours will arrange a new departure date and inform customers at least 15 working days before the original departure date. If customers do not agree to the new departure date, they will receive a refund of the deposit.
– If Meditours cannot organize the tour at the planned time due to unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, floods, wars, etc., Meditours will arrange a new departure date, and any additional expenses will be agreed upon by both parties.


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    • Time: 2 Days 3 Nights
    • Vehicle: Oto
    • Point to: Ha Giang
    • Departure schedule: Weekly

    Price only from: Contact

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