Who are we?

We are a group of people who are passionate about travel, desire to contribute and have worked in the tourism industry for over 15 years. Most of us graduated from Vietnam’s leading Tourism Universities. With the experience and knowledge gathered during the process of studying and working, we wish to devote ourselves to Vietnam’s tourism industry, raising Vietnam’s tourism to a new level. With Meditours – go is love, customer satisfaction is the measure of the effectiveness of the work we have been doing to serve our customers. Your satisfaction with our service is our success.


Our products?

Along with the continuous development of society and customer understanding, we always try to find out to bring you the most valuable experiences in each service that customers use. Meditours’ travel products come in many different colors, we create many quality travel products to bring satisfaction and comfort to customers on each trip. Our products often combine many activities in one tour program such as trekking, kayaking, biking and camping. With Meditours, each journey is not simply a traditional tour – get in the car, go to a tourist destination and then return, but with Meditours you can experience the cultural space, history and people of the place you visit. , in addition to adventure sports activities to challenge yourself… With Meditours, traveling is not simply a vacation but it is an opportunity to have fun with new people in a new land.

– Meditours Domestic : Desire to bring you the most chill tours, combining many of the destination’s most wonderful activities in one tour. For example, the 3 day 2 night Sapa tour combines most of the best things of Sapa such as: Red Dao leaf bath in Ta Phin village + Rong May Glass Bridge + Phanxipang + infinity swimming pool…


– Foreign Meditours: If domestic tours are wonderful experiential tours at dream destinations, then foreign tours such as exploring Nepal, Bhutan and South Africa and the Moroccan desert are the places we always want to be. Bringing customers new experiences in culture, lifestyle and life’s pleasures.


– Meditours sports – adventure: Meditours is the leading company in Vietnam in adventure sports tour programs such as: Backpacking tours to the dead places of Northern Vietnam, 4×4 pickup trucks bring offroad experiences and many combined activities such as Camping, kayaking…. There are also bicycle tours, mountain sports tours…

– Meditours experience:  Providing services for students, as well as businesses with group tours and many teambuilding activities that connect everyone.

Meditours’ goals and mission:

– Design unique tours that attract customers’ curiosity, along with Luxury – Exquisite – Smooth – Fragrant tours at extremely reasonable prices.

– Try our best to bring you the most memorable experiences, especially in experience tours and adventure sports tours.

– Bringing you new experiences and waves of Vietnam tourism

– Tours are designed with many outdoor activities for parents and children to participate in, avoiding the boredom of regular sightseeing tours.