Meditours Ha Giang: Trekking Conquers West Con Linh

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  • Time: 4 Day 3 Night
  • Vehicle: SKU
  • Point to: Ha Giang, Hoang Su Phi, Tay Con Linh
  • Departure schedule: Weekly


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Tay Con Linh, the sacred mountain peak located in the Northeast of Hoang Su Phi district, is always the aspiration of every trekker, captivated by the majestic beauty of the wild mountain forests and the challenging paths that test the determination of the youth.
A 4-day mountain climbing journey to conquer the peak of Tay Con Linh will bring you incredibly fascinating and emotionally rich experiences.
At the foot of the impressive and grand Tay Con Linh mountain, Mother Nature has generously bestowed upon this land and its people incredibly fascinating and attractive landscapes.
Hoang Su Phi district takes pride in possessing ancient forests, ancient tea hills with towering old trees, and especially the terraced fields winding along the mountain slopes, hills, and valleys that have enchanted countless visitors to this piece of land.
  • Admire the brilliant rhododendron flower forests
  • Check in the ancient forest
  • Conquer the summit of Northeast, reaching an elevation of 2428m
Day 1HANOI - HOANG SU PHI - NAM Hong Village (lunch, dinner)
6:30 AM: Meditours Ha Giang’s vehicle and guide will pick you up at the designated location, marking the beginning of your exploration journey in Ha Giang. While on the vehicle, you have the opportunity to participate in entertaining games or admire the poetic and rustic landscapes of the Northern Vietnamese countryside.
11:30 AM: The group takes a break and enjoys lunch in the town of Tan Quang.
1:30 PM: The journey continues along narrow and winding roads, tracing the mountainous terrain to reach Thong Nguyen commune. Witness the beautiful natural scenery, resembling a painted picture, with terraced fields stretching from the hilltops down to the valleys—creating a picturesque and majestic natural panorama.
4:30 PM: We will arrive at the village of Nam Hong, the homeland of the Dao ethnic group (Dao Ao Dai). Overnight stay in Nam Hong village, Thong Nguyen commune.
6:30 AM: The group gathers for breakfast, enjoying a warm cup of coffee while marveling at the picturesque and poetic scenery of the mountainous Northeast village.
7:30 AM: The group prepares their gear and luggage, leaving unnecessary items at the homestay. They meticulously and attentively get ready for the mountain climbing journey to conquer the roof of Northeast Vietnam.
8:00 AM: The exploration of Tay Con Linh mountain begins. The group drives through peaceful and rustic villages, witnessing terraced fields winding along the hills like soft ribbons floating in the pure morning clouds.
10:30 AM: The group reaches the gathering point at the foot of the mountain, leaves their vehicles, and starts the mountain climbing journey.
12:30 PM: The entire group arrives at the lunch break point, enjoying pre-prepared meals.
1:30 PM: The journey continues with mountain climbing, passing through ancient forests and the ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees.
4:00 PM: The group reaches the Hmong People’s clearing, concluding the first day’s 7-kilometer trek.
At the destination, guests can rest, bathe in streams, or participate in assisting with the preparation of dinner alongside local support.
Morning: The group wakes up at 6:00 am to enjoy hot tea together and immerse themselves in the fresh and invigorating air.
7:00 am: After finishing breakfast, the journey continues to conquer the summit at 2428m. Travelers will hike through the forest for over 4km, approximately 4 hours, witnessing the vast Thao Qua trees, ancient tea bushes, and vibrant blooming azaleas along the way.
11:30 am: The group reaches the mountain’s peak. Here, they take a break, check-in, and enjoy a picnic while admiring the surrounding blooming azaleas.
Afternoon: The group begins the descent, taking about 3 hours to reach the designated motorbike parking area.
3:30 pm: Our drivers will pick you up and transport the group to the center of Hoang Su Phi. The vehicle will then take the group back to Luoc village.
4:30 pm: The group arrives at Luoc village, where they can rest, relax, and take a leisurely stroll around the village to admire the majestic natural scenery, extensive terraced fields. They can also explore the simple and rustic life of the Dao ethnic community in this area.
6:30 AM: The entire group wakes up early to enjoy the fresh air and admire the delicate mist floating on the mountain peaks, welcoming the first rays of sunlight with beams piercing through the mountain gaps and ancient tree branches.
We have two options for this morning:
  • Option 1: If you wish to ascend to the summit of Lieu Chieu Thi to enjoy the scenery and hunt for clouds, we will hire local motorbike taxis.
  • Option 2: Have breakfast at the homestay, take a rest, and then the vehicle will transport guests to Hoang Su Phi market. The local market in Hoang Su Phi is held every Sunday and is one of the largest ethnic minority markets in Northern Vietnam. The market opens around 6 AM and closes around noon.
After exploring the Sunday market in Hoang Su Phi, our support car will take us back to Hanoi. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. After 5 hours, the Meditours car and guide will bring guests back to Hanoi. We conclude this exciting journey and look forward to meeting you again in future travel programs.

Tour Price includes:

– New air-conditioned cars, service according to the signed program.
– Enthusiastic and experienced tour guide accompanying the group throughout the journey.
– 07 main meals as per the program: 150,000 VND/lunch – 180,000 VND/dinner.
– Breakfast: 50,000 VND/guest.
– Accommodation at Homestay in Nậm Hồng Village, Bản Luốc (Separate bedding, blankets, pillows, and shared WC).
– Admission tickets to scenic spots according to the program.
– Tents, camps, and related equipment for overnight camping tours.
– Environmental protection fee if applicable.
– 04 bottles of 500ml water per guest per day.
– Motorbike taxi for luggage support in case the car cannot accompany.
– High-quality Trek, Cannondale mountain bikes according to the tour program.
– Truck to transport bikes for groups of 6 guests or more.
– Insurance: 100,000,000 VND/event.

Tour does not include:

– Beverages (alcohol, beer, soft drinks) during meals and throughout the program.
– Personal expenses (such as laundry, phone, shopping, meals outside the program).
– 10% Value Added Tax (VAT).
– 01 doctor for groups of 20 guests or more.
– Single room, Bungalow, Ecolodge Hotel.
– Tips for drivers and guides: 100,000 VND/guest for the entire trip.
– Airport, train station, and port pick-up and drop-off for groups departing from other cities to Hanoi.
⦁ Specialized backpack for personal belongings over 03 days.
⦁ Clothing:
   – 3 short or long-sleeved sport shirts (breathable and moisture-wicking).
   – 1 thermal shirt, wool shirt for evening wear.
   – 1 warm jacket for night rest on the mountain (preferably lightweight, such as a down jacket).
   – 1 waterproof windbreaker or thin windproof jacket for trekking.
⦁ Pants: 3 breathable sports pants with good elasticity (preferably thin, light, quick-drying, and waterproof).
⦁ Shoes: Trekking shoes or sports shoes with good grip, comfortable, anti-slip, preferably waterproof.
(Note: Usually choose shoes about 1 size larger. Cut toenails short to avoid friction when wearing shoes throughout the journey.)
⦁ Sandals: 1 pair of sandals or flip-flops to cross streams and use on the trail.
⦁ Socks: 3 pairs of long, thick, high-neck socks to avoid insects and terrain abrasion.
⦁ Towels:
   – 1-2 multi-purpose towels to cover the face, absorb sweat.
   – 1 wool scarf for the evening on the mountain.
⦁ Heat patches: 5-6 patches for use in the evening on the mountain.
⦁ Power bank.
⦁ Personal documents: ID card/passport.
⦁ Flashlight: Use when it’s dark and for personal hygiene (preferably a headlamp).
⦁ Personal items: sunscreen, sunglasses, personal medication.
⦁ Energy supplements: chocolate, energy bars, various nuts, dried fruits.


1/ Deposit policy to secure reservations
  • To officially reserve a spot and receive guests, customers need to deposit an amount equivalent to 40% of the tour price.
  • The remaining amount must be paid to Meditours 15 days before the departure date.
2/ Cancellation policy by customers
  • If customers cancel the tour 15 days before the departure date, they will be penalized for early cancellation equivalent to the deposit amount (40% of the tour price).
  • If customers cancel the tour 07 days before the departure date, they will be penalized for late cancellation equivalent to the entire tour price (100% of the tour price).
  • If customers reschedule the tour departure date before and within 7 days of the original departure date, they will have to pay an additional 30% of the tour cost.
3/ Cancellation policy by the organizing unit
  • The group will depart according to the schedule if there are 06 or more adults.
  • If the group does not reach 06 guests, Meditours will arrange a new departure date and notify customers at least 15 working days before the departure date. If customers do not agree to the new departure date, they will receive a refund of the deposit.
  • If Meditours cannot organize the group to depart at the scheduled time due to force majeure such as natural disasters, floods, wars, etc., Meditours will arrange a new departure date, and any additional expenses incurred will be agreed upon by both parties.
Note: The above is the tour cancellation penalty according to the company’s regulations. We will be flexible in resolving each specific case within our capabilities.


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    • Time: 4 Day 3 Night
    • Vehicle: SKU
    • Point to: Ha Giang, Hoang Su Phi, Tay Con Linh
    • Departure schedule: Weekly

    Price only from: Contact

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