Meditours Ha Giang: Motorcycle Adventure – Trekking To Discover Hoang Su Phi

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  • Time: 5 Days 6 Nights
  • Vehicle: Bus, Motorbike
  • Point to: Ha Giang
  • Departure schedule: Every Friday


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Dong Van – Ha Giang Karst Plateau, the northernmost land recognized by UNESCO as Vietnam’s first Global Geopark

Hoang Su Phi – pristine land west of Ha Giang with beautiful terraced fields.
Joining the Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi tour by motorbike & trekking, you will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Ha Giang in a more unique way.
You will have a closer look at the majestic beauty of Dong Van stone plateau, Ma Pi Leng pass, Nho Que river, beautiful terraced fields stretching along the mountainside…
Experience the sun, wind, cold, clouds, fog, rain, peace, wildness and majesty here along the winding mountain passes and steep cliffs…
The feeling of challenging your spirit and driving skills when traveling on small roads between towering cliffs, steep slopes and deep abysses will be unforgettable emotions that only riding a motorbike can bring. can bring you.
You will also experience and explore more deeply the villages of ethnic minorities in the mountains, better understanding the culture and life of local people.
  • Enjoy the majestic beauty of the stone plateau
  • Kayak or boat on Nho Que river, see Tu San canyon from the river
  • Challenge your driving skills on Hanh Phuc road, Doc Tham Ma pass, nine-turn slope, Ma Pi Leng pass.
Around 8:30 pm, the group moved to the bus station and started the journey to Ha Giang. The group will sleep on the bus.
For passengers arriving at Noi Bai airport close to departure time, the sleeper bus will pick up the group at Kim Anh – Noi Bai intersection (2.3 km from the airport).
For passenger buses from provinces such as Sapa, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh…, pick-up time to Ha Giang will depend on the time frame.
Around 4:00 a.m. the group will arrive in Ha Giang city. The driver will let the group rest at the partner’s motel in the city.
7:30: After breakfast, the tour guide prepares the car and picks up the group at the local house, preparing for the 3-day, 4-night trip to Ha Giang by motorbike.
The journey starts from Ha Giang to Quan Ba. The group will stop at Heaven’s Gate to visit and admire Quan Ba Twin Mountains and Tam Son town from above.
From Heaven’s Gate, our tour guide will take you along concrete and dirt roads, over suspension bridges, down to Nam Dam village – the homeland of the Dao ethnic people. You will learn about their customs, traditions and culture as well as daily life, such as visiting traditional rammed earth houses or trying on traditional Dao costumes.
Leave Quan Ba, go to Yen Minh along the road along the mountain top to Yen Minh. The group will have lunch at Yen Minh.
The road on the Dong Van stone plateau is a continuous journey of up and down passes, through valleys, surrounded by towering, majestic limestone mountains.
Stop to visit Lung Cam Cultural Village – the setting of the movie “Pao Story”. Listen and learn about the culture of the Mong people in Ha Giang region.
Leaving Pao’s house, the group continued their journey and stopped to visit the Palace of the Meo King – Vuong Chinh Duc, king of the H’mong people in Dong Van. The palace was built in Sa Phin valley with a combination of ancient Chinese, Mongol and French architecture. You will hear the tour guide tell stories about the architecture, history, and culture of the Vuong family in particular and the Mong people on the stone plateau in general.
The group will stay overnight at a 3-star hotel (Hoang Ngoc or similar) in Dong Van town.
If you want to explore the cultural life of the Mong people by staying with local people and learning traditional H’mong dances, we will arrange for the group to stay at Dong Van homestay.
Morning: Ma Pi Leng Pass – Trekking up the White Cliffs
After breakfast, the group will cycle and walk on the Ma Pi Leng pass hiking trail. Motorbike and walking paths wind along cliffs, hillsides, cornfields, vegetable valleys and high-mountain Hmong villages. After that, the group will follow the steep rocky slopes, walk below the White Cliffs – from here, you will have a panoramic view of the winding Ma Pi Leng pass and the clear blue Nho Que river below. , surrounded by majestic limestone mountains. mountain. This is the most unique highlight of your 3-day trip to Ha Giang by motorbike.
After 2.5-3 hours of walking down the mountain, the group will stop for a light lunch at a restaurant on the pass while resting, admiring the view of Nho Que River or moving to Meo Vac town for lunch.
Afternoon: Canoe or kayak on Nho Que River
Nho Que River is located at the foot of Tu San canyon – one of the attractive new attractions on the Ha Giang Trekking itinerary. Tu San Canyon is considered the deepest canyon (over 2000m) in Southeast Asia and the most unique in Vietnam. The best way to enjoy the beauty of Tu San canyon and immerse yourself in the clear blue water of the Nho Que River is by boat or kayak – where you are surrounded by mountains, rivers and the fresh air of the highlands.
You will travel by motorbike and walk along the mountainside and stone steps from the main road to the pier and vice versa. The up and down road is relatively steep, so this is also a great trekking route for those who love exercise.
At the end of the journey, the group will return to Mong village – sleeping at Meo Vac Clay Homestay.
Meo Vac Market
If the third day of your trip coincides with Sunday, you will have the opportunity to visit Meo Vac market. It is one of the most unique cultural features of the Ha Giang stone plateau.
This place still preserves the traditional customs and traditions of ethnic minorities from many generations ago. The market is not only a place to buy and sell, but also a place where friends, relatives, young men and women meet and chat.
You will not only experience the bustling atmosphere, admire the colorful ethnic costumes, but also try local specialties. This will definitely be a unique experience during your trip to Ha Giang.
Visit Lung Cu Flagpole – the northernmost point of the country – and discover Lo Lo culture
After breakfast, the group continued their journey to Lung Cu flagpole, about 25km from the district center.
Lung Cu flagpole is a very high point marking the northernmost point of our country. This place is considered the northernmost point of Vietnam and a symbol of national sovereignty in the border area. After visiting Lung Cu flagpole, the group will visit Lo Lo Ethnic Cultural Village. This is an ethnic minority with a small population but still preserves unique cultural features. You can try wearing traditional costumes of the Lo Lo people and stay in Trinh Tuong’s house to take beautiful and unique photos.
In the afternoon, the group returns to Ha Giang.
Overnight at a Tay homestay in Thon Tha or Ha Thanh village – a simple ethnic village with stilt houses, thatched roofs, green rice fields and small waterfalls. You will have time to rest after the tiring motorbike journey on the plateau.
Nam Hong is a community tourism village of the Red Dao people located on the top of the mountain. You will get a panoramic view of the terraced fields from above. You also have the opportunity to learn about the culture of the Red Dao people, one of the ethnic groups with many unique identities in Vietnam.
The road from Ha Giang to Nam Hong is also very interesting with high mountains, winding passes, trees, green forests and clouds.
Morning: 6 a.m.: The whole group started the journey to Thong Nguyen commune
Around 9:00 a.m. arrive at the center of Thong Nguyen commune, start trekking from Thong Nguyen – Giang Ha – Giang Thuong – Nam Hong. See terraced fields, cross waterfalls, streams, old forests, Dao ethnic villages and learn about Dao culture. Trekking time is about 4 hours
Overnight at Hoang Su Phi Guesthouse or Guesthouse or Dao Guesthouse (Private Wooden House)
P/s: For large groups, you can register to enjoy unique performances of the Dao people such as fire dancing…
This beautiful motorbike route will pass through mountainous villages, you will see the majestic terraced fields, stretching along the mountain slopes, relaxing in the middle of roads with reed forests or primeval forests on both sides. born. born, there was very little traffic.
If you want to try the trekking route to conquer Chieu Lau Thi peak (the highest peak here), the group can spend 3 hours to experience it.
Evening: Return to the motel, have dinner and rest.
7:00 p.m: Move to Hoang Su Phi Heaven Gate, catch a Limousine back to Hanoi.
Expected to arrive in Hanoi at 2am. End of the journey to explore Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi 5 days 6 nights.


  • English speaking tour guide   (Good at machinery – Photographer)
  • CRF 250L Recent And Well Maintained – Gasoline
  • At least 25% off-road riding per day  (Please let us know if you only enjoy off-road riding)
  • Good accommodation: 3 hotels based on double rooms or homestays.
  • All meals during the tour: Enjoy local dishes in every region you visit.
  • Water – Beverages
  • Cruise on Lake or River – Ferry
  • All entrance tickets/Remote area permits
  • Pick up – Drop off at International Airport
  • 1 traditional folk music night at a local house for groups of 2 or more
  • Helmet – Gloves – Elbow & knee protectors – Pants (If we have your size)
  • Riding shirt as a souvenir
  • 4G sim
  • Overnight train ticket (soft bed) and bicycle transportation fee from Lao Cai to Sapa

Not included:

  • Personal insurance – Travel insurance (at your own risk)
  • Motorbike insurance compensates for all damages to motorbikes (Click here to know more)
  • Airfare – Visa fee (about 25 USD/person, depending on nationality)
  • Tips, drinks, personal expenses and other expenses not described in the itinerary
  • Single room surcharge for single room
  • Hotel at night Before/After the ride





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    • Time: 5 Days 6 Nights
    • Vehicle: Bus, Motorbike
    • Point to: Ha Giang
    • Departure schedule: Every Friday

    Price only from: Contact

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