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  • Time: 4 Days 3 Nights
  • Vehicle: Pickup Truck
  • Point to: Ha Giang - Y Ty
  • Departure schedule: Weekly


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As one of the most impressive, unique, and luxurious tours to explore Ha Giang – Y Ty, have you ever dreamed of cycling to admire the sea of clouds in Y Ty or camping in Ha Giang, Vietnam? Take in the beauty of Ha Giang and check in at Y Ty while marveling at the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests of the Northwest. Have you ever dreamed of that? Let Meditours Ha Giang plan a camping tour for you in Ha Giang – Y Ty.

  • Camping mostly in the afternoon on most days during the tour
  • Can bring food from Hanoi for BBQ grilling
  • Can bring 2 motorcycles or 2 bicycles for cycling
  • Check in at the Cloud Valley of Y Ty and milestone 92
  • Check in at the Thau Plain – Chau U in Xin Man
  • Check in at Ban Phung + Hoang Su Phi terraced fields
  • Check in at the peak of Chieu Lau Thi – one of the two highest peaks in Ha Giang
6:30 AM: Let’s hit the road to Y Ty. After passing through the Bản Khoang Valley, a perfect spot to stop for photos, or depending on whether you choose a bike or a motorbike, we can drop our bikes and explore the breathtaking landscapes unseen on TV. The deserted yet majestic road will leave you in awe, moving from one surprise to another. Keep your eyes wide open, and engage your mind fully to capture and savor the atmosphere and beauty of this place.
After an hour’s drive from Sapa, we’ll traverse through the ancient forest at an altitude of over 2,000 meters, covered in year-round mist, reaching Mường Hum. Here, you can purchase some food items like black chicken, corn, or sweet potatoes for a BBQ lunch.
Upon reaching the camping spot, whether near or far from Y Ty center, our guide and driver will prepare lunch for us. With the advantage of pickup trucks, you can explore Y Ty on motorbikes or bicycles, adding more experiences for your group or family, especially if you bring them from Hanoi.
You’ll travel by motorbike to Ngải Thầu Thượng, the ideal cloud-hunting spot in Y Ty on days with favorable weather conditions. Capture stunning images of the most beautiful terraced fields in Y Ty.
After lunch: Continuing the journey, the group will visit Choẻn Thèng Park, located at the end of the Hà Nhì ethnic village, featuring houses resembling giant mushrooms.
Stay overnight at a homestay and have dinner with the H’mong people in this area.
8:30 AM: Departure to continue exploring the border region between Vietnam and China. We arrive at milestone 92 for check-in and admire the sacred location where the Red River flows into Vietnam, a place of great significance to our homeland.
Next, we explore the Hekou border gate, the largest international border gate in Lao Cai with China, but we won’t be crossing into the neighboring country.
After leaving the city of Lao Cai, we have two routes to reach Bac Ha for lunch. Option 1 is to enter Coc Ly, then take a boat to explore the flowing river (depending on the season and water level). If we choose the boat option, we will have lunch at a local restaurant owned by the boat operators.
Option 2 is to head straight to Bac Ha and indulge in the famous local cuisine there.
After lunch, we continue our journey to Xin Man. Here, we have two choices:
1) bike or ride a motorcycle downhill to Coc Pai town, then rest at the hotel,
2) proceed directly to the hotel, park our vehicles, and hike uphill to the summit of Thao Nguyen Suoi Thau. We can bring camping gear and enjoy a BBQ dinner at this picturesque location.
Rest at the hotel.
At 8:30 AM, we’ll depart as usual to explore one of the highest peaks in Ha Giang, Chiêu Lầu Thi. Here, we can either cycle 12 kilometers from the main road and then continue hiking to the summit, or we can choose to go by motorbike. The mode of transportation will depend on the preference of the group, whether it’s motorcycles or bicycles right from the start.
Following that, we can have a BBQ lunch at the summit of Chiêu Lầu Thi or set up camp here to admire the enchanting beauty of the Northeast region.
In the evening, we will head back to Thông Nguyên at the Homestay on the mountain summit, offering a breathtaking view of the valley.
8h30: We continue to explore Hoang Su Phi valley and the National Monument of Hoang Su Phi terraced fields by motorbike or bicycle. This is one of the most beautiful valleys in Vietnam.
If we haven’t visited Phung village before, today we will continue to visit Phung village by bicycle or motorbike, we can also have a BBQ lunch here.
After lunch, we will head back to Hanoi.
At 18h, the tour will end at the Office in Hanoi.


•    New model pickup truck for group transportation throughout the journey
•    Professional tour guide, attentive and knowledgeable about tourist destinations
•    7 main meals at $150,000 per meal per person. 3 additional meals.
•    Standard 2-3 star hotels at the destination
•    Standard daily water supply of 1 bottle of 500ml per person on the vehicle
•    Travel insurance
•    Sightseeing tickets as per the program
•    2 accompanying motorcycles


•    VAT tax
•    Tips for drivers and tour guides
•    Beverages during meals and personal expenses of customers
•    Excluded sightseeing tickets such as Motorbike taxi fare to visit Nho Que River, Entrance fee to local flower gardens


– Age is calculated from birth date to departure date.
– Children aged 10 and above are charged 100% of the adult price.
– Children aged 5 to 9: charged at 75% of adult price – sharing a bed with parents.
– Children under 5: free of charge (sharing a bed with parents, additional expenses like entrance tickets, food, and drinks for parents will be taken care of by themselves). The company only collects the airfare (if any) as per airline regulations.


1/ Deposit Policy to Reserve Seats:
– To officially reserve seats and receive guests, customers need to make a deposit equivalent to 40% of the tour price.
– The remaining amount must be paid to Meditours 15 days before the booked departure date.
2/ Customer-initiated Cancellation Policy:
– If a customer cancels the tour more than 15 days before the departure date, they will be fined an early cancellation fee equivalent to the deposit amount (50% of the tour price).
– If a customer cancels the tour less than 7 days before the departure date, they will be fined a late cancellation fee equivalent to the entire tour price (100% of the tour price).
3/ Organizer-initiated Cancellation Policy:
– The tour will depart according to the schedule if there are at least 6 adults.
– If the group has fewer than 6 passengers, Meditours will arrange a new departure date and inform the customers at least 15 working days before the scheduled departure date. If customers do not agree to the new departure date, they will receive a refund of the deposit.
– If Meditours cannot organize the tour at the expected time due to unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, floods, wars, etc., Meditours will arrange a new departure date, and any additional costs incurred will be agreed upon by both parties.
Note: The cancellation penalties above follow the company’s regulations. We will flexibly address each specific case within reasonable limits.


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    • Time: 4 Days 3 Nights
    • Vehicle: Pickup Truck
    • Point to: Ha Giang - Y Ty
    • Departure schedule: Weekly

    Price only from: Contact

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